Aug, 13 2016: Macro Workshop, Pune

Would like to invite everyone to come and learn some skills I have acquired over last few years.

Watch the first video tutorial which introduces Macro Photography.

This is the first episode of a video series on Macro Photography. It takes you through various type of Macro Photography and typical challenges faced during Macro Photography.

We are glad to announce a new section in our workshops. Join us for a Macro Photography Workshop.

Explore the macro world with YOGENDRA JOSHI's expert vision.

Start: 0700 hrs on 13th Aug 2016
End: 1100 hrs on 13th Aug 2016


4 hours outdoor session @ Pashan Lake from 7 am to 11 am

Session Includes
1. Introduction to Macro Photography
2. Various equipment and lights used in macro Photography
3. Technical details and hands on explanation of each equipment
4. Individual on-field guidance for taking great macro shots (Background, Composition, Magic Angle, Magnification)
5. Basic knowledge of Stacking techniques

Things to carry with you
1. Your Camera (DSLR Preferred)
2. Macro Lens / Extension Tubes / Adopters (At least one to allow macro photography)
3. External Flash / strobe (if your camera does not have pop-up flash)
4. Simple thremocol plate (to use as diffuser)
5. Recommended to watch Yogendra's Macro Tutorials here before you attend the session

For More Details & Registrations please call us

The Photographers Blog .com Team : +91 9028260750

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Macro Panorama: Getting More from your Macro shots

Many of you would have heard of or seen Macro Stacking.. its about getting more and more details from the same subject area by shifting the plane of focus.

But what if you need to cover more of the subject area keeping the plane of focus same? Why do you need that.... well sometimes your subject is too big... like this Owlfly which was about 3-4 centimeters long and with my macro gear (Sigma 70-300 + Raynox) I could only cover about 2 centimeters at a time. 

Owlfly: Macro Panorama of 7 separate photos

Also its not just about going wide.. you still would like to go close and capture the details of each area separately than going wide and taking a shot from the distance.

So this is what I did.. I took 11 separate shots trying to keep the same plane of focus and each time trying to capture one part of the insect in perfect focus. So at the end its a combination of focus stacking as well as panorama.

Here are the 7 pictures I finally ended up using for this final image.

Once I had that, all I had to do was to bring them in Lightroom, apply my standard macro preset, then take them to Photoshop as layers.

Once I was in Photoshop, I had to Auto Align the photos and then Auto Blend them. Well there were a few challenges with the wing shot and I had to position that shot manually and also recover the focus areas manually.. but well that's an exception. Otherwise in normal cases, Photoshop does a very good job anyway.

Here are a couple of more shots using the same technique.

Lacewing.. panorama and stack of two shots

Mayfly.. panorama and stack of 6 images

So, go out there and find the "long tailed" insects or any other long subject and try your own macro panorama.

Feel free to drop in your comments / questions / suggestions.

(Wild Sojourns) Macro Photography with Budget Equipment

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Ritesh Nagre and his team (Prasanna and Megh) for publishing my full length article in the March-April 2016 Magazine.

It was a great honor to be recognized for my hard work over past many years and also giving exposure to the idea that you don't need super-expensive equipment to get great results in Macro Photography.

You can download the full magazine for Mar-April 2016 here: ( HD Version || Mobile Version)

If you are interested only in my section of the magazine, you can download it from here

I would strongly recommend subscribing to the freely available great nature and photography related content on Wild Sojourns:

(Sanctuary Asia) Yogendra’s Inexpensive Macro Tactics

Recently Sanctuary Asia, the oldest and largest wildlife magazine house in India published some of my best work as a permanent gallery on their website.

This was a great honor for me and my dedication for making "great macro images with budget equipment"

I invite all of you to review the online gallery and also share your feedback.